Install from PyPI:

$ pip install django-email-log


Add email_log to INSTALLED_APPS in your settings file:


Then set django-email-log as your email backend in your settings file:

EMAIL_BACKEND = 'email_log.backends.EmailBackend'

Using with Django South

The migrations sub-package contains migrations for Django 1.7. Django South migrations are stored in the south_migrations sub-package.

There are two ways to use django-email-log with South. Either:

  1. Install South 1.0
  2. Customize South to use the email_log.south_migrations migrations package

Using with other email backends

By default django-email-log uses Django’s SMTP backend to send emails. The EMAIL_LOG_BACKEND setting should be specified if you are using a custom email backend. For example:

EMAIL_LOG_BACKEND = 'yourapp.backends.YourCustomEmailBackend'

If you are using an email queueing backend such as django-celery-email, the django-email-log backend should be used behind the queuing backend so errors will be logged properly. For example with django-celery-email this should work:

CELERY_EMAIL_BACKEND = 'email_log.backends.EmailBackend'